Gospel of John

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John 1

In our first show we have Pastor Jeff Heimsoth from Trinity Lutheran Church in Monroe, MI on to discuss John Chapter One. A special focus on the opening of John's Gospel and how John emphasizes Jesus as fully God and fully man.

John 2

This episode features Pastor Bruce Lucas from Immanual Lutheran Church in East Ida, MI. Pastor Lucas will go in-depth into the beginning of the signs that Jesus performed.

John 3

In this week's episode Pastor Tim Loewe from Christ the King in Lambertville, MI joins us as we look at John Chapter 3.

John 4

This week we discuss John Chapter 4 with special guest Pastor Larry Loree from Holy Ghost Lutheran Church in Monroe, MI.

John 5

Pastor Lee Cullen, principal at Lutheran High South joins us to look at John Chapter 5.

John 6

Pastor Mark Witte joins Dr. Kurt Taylor to talk about John Chapter Six. The emphasis on the show is placed on Jesus' "I am the Bread of Life" statement.

John 7

Pastor Daniel Potts joins Dr. Kurt Taylor on this week's episode to discuss John chapter seven.