Gospel of Luke

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Luke 15

This week's Bible Class focuses in on one of the most known parables, the Parable of the Waiting Father/Prodigal Son. Pastor Taylor leads the discussion on the double meaning of this parable.

Luke 14:1-24

Pastor Wade begins Luke 14. The class centers on Jesus being invited to dine at a chief Pharisee's house where he performs a healing and teaches them about the Kingdom of Heaven.

Luke 13

Pastor Taylor covers all of Luke chapter 13 in this class. Included discussion includes: what is the meaning of true repentance, what is the purpose of suffering in this world, and Jesus' lament over Jerusalem.

Luke 12:13-59

Pastor Wade finishes up chapter twelve of Luke's gospel account. This class deals with the question of wealth in this world and the sin of our heart.

Luke 11:33-12:12

Pastor Wade finishes Luke 11 and moves into Luke 12 in this week's Bible Study. We finish this pericope, which focuses in on Jesus' clash with the Pharisees and teachers of the Law, and continue our conversation on "faith at the crossroads."

Luke 11:14-32

Pastor Wade continues in Luke 11 in this week's class. We set up a conversation that will continue into next week by demonstrating "faith at the crossroads." This shows the contrast between the followers of Jesus and the teachers of the law during the first century. Included this week is a discussion bringing the same tension to our world today.

Luke 10:38-11:13

Pastor Taylor finishes up Luke 10 and begins Luke 11 in this week's class. He covers the distinction of Mary and Martha, as well as Luke's account of the Lord's Prayer.