Gospel of Mark

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Mark 15:21-47

In this episode, Pastor Wade, Deacon Auxter, and Rev. Huner finish up Mark fifteen and all of the gospel according to St. Mark. The focus is on the crucifixion and the death of Christ Jesus.

Mark 15:1-20

On this episode of the Gospel for You, Pastor Wade, Rev. Huner, and Deacon Auxter cover the first half of Mark chapter fifteen. This chapter covers Jesus' trial before Pilate and the accusations leveled against him by the religious leaders. 

Mark 14:53-66

Pastor Jeffrey Wade of St. John's Lutheran Church and School hosts Deacon Bob Auxter of Grace Lutheran Church in Monroe, MI and Rev. Ken Huner of Thrivent Financial to discuss the end of Mark 14. We look at the final trial of Jesus before the chief priests and elders.

Mark 14:26-52

Pastors Wade, Witte, and Potts continue their discussion of Mark 14. This time, we look at Peter's denial, the prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, and the arrest of Jesus. The ask the pastor question is: "How do we know that God is real?"

Mark 14:1-25

Pastors Wade, Potts, and Witte continue to discuss the Gospel of Mark this week, beginning chapter fourteen. The tension builds as we look at Maundy Thursday. The ask the pastor question is: "How did God get John the Baptist to be a prophet?"

Mark 13

On this episode, Pastor Daniel Potts and Pastor Mark Witte join Pastor Jeffrey Wade to discuss the thirteen chapter of Mark. As the great prophetic chapter of Mark, we rejoice and follow Jesus' command to be on our guards and stay awake. The ask the pastor question is: "How did God get John the Baptist to be a prophet?"

Mark 12:28-44

On this week's show, we pick up where we left off during Holy Week in Mark chapter 12. The ask the pastor question is: "What will happen after Jesus comes again?"