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Joshua 21

Pastor Tim Loewe continues with us as we dive into Joshua 21. In an ironic twist, we look at the inspiration of Holy Scripture and why we can trust its witness.

Joshua 20

Pastor Tim Loewe of Christ the King in Lambertville, MI joins us to talk about the allotment of cities and land for the Levites. The conversation focuses in on the unique nature of their allotment - which includes cities of refuge.

Joshua 19

Pastor Witte closes out his trilogy of episodes by diving into the land allotment chapter of Joshua. It should never cease to be amazing that the grace of Jesus Christ can be found even in chapters such as this.

Joshua 18

Pastor Mark Witte continues, with Pastors Wade and Potts, the discussion on Joshua. This week diving into the allotments of Benjamin.

Joshua 16, 17

Pastor Mark Witte joins us to talk about the sixteenth and seventeenth chapters of Joshua. The conversation continues on the allocation of the Promised Land and the connections Joshua makes to Genesis.

Joshua 15

Pastor Curtis Garland closes out his trilogy of episodes on Joshua with chapter fifteen. The conversation dives into why Judah receives the first allotment of land and what that land is.

Joshua 14

Pastor Garland continues his trilogy of episodes by diving into Joshua 14. In this chapter we take a look at Caleb and the delivered promises that God gives to him.