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Joshua 16, 17

Pastor Mark Witte joins us to talk about the sixteenth and seventeenth chapters of Joshua. The conversation continues on the allocation of the Promised Land and the connections Joshua makes to Genesis.

Joshua 15

Pastor Curtis Garland closes out his trilogy of episodes on Joshua with chapter fifteen. The conversation dives into why Judah receives the first allotment of land and what that land is.

Joshua 14

Pastor Garland continues his trilogy of episodes by diving into Joshua 14. In this chapter we take a look at Caleb and the delivered promises that God gives to him.

Joshua 13

Pastor Curtis Garland joins Jeffrey and Daniel to discuss the thirteenth chapter of Joshua. The conversation focuses in on how the Israelites failed to conquer all of the Promised Land - yet, the promises of God still come to fruition.

Joshua 12

Pastor Lee Cullen closes out his trilogy of episodes by looking at Joshua 12. In a tongue-tying chapter, we look at all of the kings that the people of Israel defeated.

Joshua 11

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Pastor Lee Cullen joins Pastor Wade and Potts to discuss the eleventh chapter of Joshua. The campaign to take the Promised Land continues.

Joshua 10

Pastor Lee Cullen of Holy Ghost Lutheran Church and School in Monroe, MI joins the regular Pastors Wade and Potts to discuss Joshua chapter 10.