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Judges 21

On his final episode of the trilogy, Pastor Jones joins the Gospel for You to look at the final chapter of Judges. We discuss the anachronistic nature of the book of Judges and what that means as we look forward to Ruth.

Judges 20

Pastor Kyle Jones continues to join us on the Gospel for You as we get ever closer to the end of the book of Judges. We look at a heavy chapter which details the in-fighting between the tribes of Israel.

Judges 19

On this week's episode we are joined by Pastor Kyle Jones of St. John's Waltz to discuss what quite possibly may be the darkest chapter in the book of Judges. What is that chapter about? Listen and find out!

Judges 18

In this week's episode of the Gospel for You, we look at Judges chapter 18 with Pastor Curtis Garland of Immanuel, East Ida. We examine the tribe of Dan and how they set up their own order and center of worship.

Judges 17

This week we dive into chapter seventeen of Judges. We discuss the culture of the day, why a Levite would be sojourning throughout the land, and the dangers of idolatry.

Judges 16

Pastor Curtis Garland of Immanuel Lutheran in East Ida, MI joins Dan and Jeff as we continue our journey into the book of Judges. This week, we look at the account of Samson and Delilah, we get a little side-tracked, and we see Christ crucified for all creation. 

Judges 15

In this episode, we dive into Judges 15. We look at Samson's rise to power and prevalence as he defeats Philistines and comes into his own as Judge of Israel.