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Judges 14

This week we continue looking at Judges and the life of Samson.

Judges 13

We begin looking at the life of Samson this week in Judges 13. Pastor Lee Cullen is the guest through this portion of Samson's life. The topics include knowing the presence of God, the grace he bestows on us, and the subtleties of Old Testament offices.

Judges 11:29-12:15

This week Jeffrey and Daniel are joined by Lee Cullen of Holy Ghost in Monroe. In addition to the necessary Tolkien references, the guys finish up their discussion on the life and death of Jephthah. The bulk of the conversation focuses in at the tragic vow that he made and the results of it.

Judges 11:1-28

In this episode, we continue by looking at the Judge of Israel called Jephthah. We start to see the weaknesses of the invading armies and Jephthah's response.

Judges 10

The usual suspects are at it again with Judges chapter ten. We see a time between the judges as Israel falls further and further into disobedience and subsequent oppression.

Judges 9

In this episode, we dive into chapter nine of Judges with Pastor Mark Witte from Grace Lutheran in Monroe, MI.

Judges 8

Pastor Jeff Heimsoth closes out his trilogy of episodes looking at Gideon.