Large Catechism

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CWC - LC - Sixth Commandment

Pastors Wade, Steinbrenner, and Dunlop gather to discuss Luther's Large Catechism and the Sixth Commandment.

CWC - LC - Fifth Commandment

Pastors Wade, Steinbrenner, and Dunlop return and continue their conversation on Luther's Large Catechism. This episode dives into one of the most convicting commandments: "You shall not murder."

CWC - LC - Fourth Commandment

Rev. Adam Steinbrenner and Rev. David Dunlop return in this look at the Fourth Commandment and its explanation in Luther's Large Catechism

CWC - LC - First Table Summary

Mr. Chris Hansell, Second Grade teacher of St. John's Waltz, joins Pastor Jeffrey Wade to discuss the first three Commandments of the Small Catechism and their application both at home and in the school.

CWC - LC - 3rd Commandment

In this episode the regular guys explore and digest the impact of Luther's explanation to the Third Commandment in the Large Catechism.

CWC - LC - 2nd Commandment

The regular crew (Pastors Dunlop, Steinbrenner, and Wade) continue their look at Luther's Large Catechism. This week they focus in on the Second Commandment and its application to both parents and teachers of the Faith.

CWC - LC - 1st Commandment

This episode features Pastor David Dunlop, Pastor Adam Steinbrenner, and Pastor Jeffrey Wade as they discuss Luther's Large Catechism and its explanation of the First Commandment.