Nicene Fathers

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Augustine of Hippo Part 2

Pastor Taylor finishes up his study on St. Augustine, this week focusing in on his writings against the Docetists and the Pelagians.


Pastor Wade continues the study of the Nicene Fathers by taking up Jerome, master translator of Scripture. In the class we tackle Jerome's story, his writings, and his translation philosophy. Included in the discussion is a conversation about modern translations of the Scripture. You can find the handout here.

Augustine of Hippo

Pastor Kurt Taylor tackles arguably the greatest Church Father - Saint Augustine of Hippo - in this first of two Bible Classes. Augustine's background information is given before we dive into his Confessions and his writings against the Donatists.  You can find the handout here and the slides here.

Cyril of Alexandria

Cyril of Alexandria was a great defender of Christ and huge influence on the Council of Ephesus. He is known as the man who rightly called the Virgin Mary the Mother of God and combatted Nestorius. You can find Pastor Wade's handout here.

John of Damascus

The focus this week is on St. John of Damascus. Unlike the previously discussed Fathers of the Church, John comes much later. Pastor Wade dives into the Iconoclast Controversy of the Eighth Century as well as John's writings. You can find the handout here.

Gregory of Nazianzus

Our third week of study takes us to the Cappadocian Fathers with a special focus on Gregory of Nazianzus. What Athanasius was to helping articulate the person of Jesus Christ, Gregory was to properly articulating the person of the Holy Spirit. You can find the handout here and the slideshow here.

John Chrysostom

In our second week of studying the Church Fathers, Pastor Jeffrey Wade tackles arguably the greatest orator in Church history - St. John Chrysostom. You can find the handout here.