What We Believe                        

The Gospel for You teaches:

  • The One True God has revealed Himself in three persons: the Father Almighty, His Only Son - Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spriit - Who proceeds from the Father and the Son. The deity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is one - equal in glory, coequal in majesty.
  • The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the sole atonement for the sins of all creation. This miraculous event and all of God's dealings with humanity is witnessed to in the authoritative and inspired Sacred Scriptures.
  • One is saved from sin, Satan, and death by the grace of God the Father, through faith in Jesus Christ, which is given by the Holy Spirit through the Word and Sacraments.
  • Faith in Jesus Christ is a work of God given through both being baptized into His Name and through hearing the proclamation of His infallible Word.
  • The Church is the community of saints in which the Gospel is purely taught and the Sacraments are rightly administered. The Church strives to walk together until our Lord returns. The simplest summary of our faith is contained in Dr. Luther's Small Catechism.
  • We subscribe that these teachings are clearest as they are contained in the Book of Concord.