Our Current Series: the Books of Samuel

Welcome to the Gospel for You!

Regardless of how you stumbled upon this site, our podcast, or our periodicals - we greet you with grace, mercy, peace, and forgiveness that comes from Jesus. We recognize that in our world today these are traits and promises that seem to occur rarely in day to day life, but nonetheless, these are exactly what is promised to you through the Biblical Text by the God who sang creation into existence, wove you in your mother's womb, and still calls to you every moment of every day. Our goal is to help you see this true reality. The reality where you belong, where you are valued, where you are innocent - not merely in the eyes of our neighbors that populate this world, but in the eyes of God Himself.

Who are We?

We are a group of Lutheran Pastors, Professors, and Deacons in the greater Detroit area of Michigan who are dedicated to reading through the Biblical text, finding the distinction of Law and Gospel, and applying the healing salve that is the Gospel directly to those who need to hear and read it. That's precisely what St. Paul did for those dwelling in Galatia, that's what St. Augustine did for those dwelling in Hippo, that's what Martin Luther did for those in Germany, and that's the message we still proclaim today. You are forgiven. You are free. You are innocent. You are the child of God through the blood of Christ Jesus. This is the Gospel for You.

We would encourage you to take the time to look through our site, hear our podcasts, watch our videos, read our devotions, and become familiar with the love that God has for you.